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IW CH ColoradoPixies Okies Thunder
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ColoradoPixies Okies Thunder

TICA International #1 Pixiebob Longhair Kitten. (2018)

TICA International #3 Pixiebob Longhair Cat. (2018)

TICA SC Region #1 Pixiebob Longhair Kitten. (2018)

TICA SC Region #1 Pixiebob Longhair Cat. (2018)

We are pleased to announce that ColoradoPixies Okies Thunder has gone to join Kiwi Pixiebobs in New Zealand to further develop their breeding program.  Thunder has produced the most outstanding kittens for Kiwi Pixiebobs out of New Zealand.

ColoradoPixies Okies Baldur

TICA International #1 Pixiebob Longhair Cat. (2017)

TICA SC Region #1 Pixiebob Longhair Cat. (2017)

ColoradoPixies Okies Baldur will continue to enhance the ColoradoPixies Cattery breeding program. Baldur has sired outstanding kittens.

ColoradoPixies GJonson

TICA International #1 Pixiebob Cat. (2013)

TICA SC Region #1 Pixiebob Cat (2013)

ColoradoPixies GJonson is the first Pixiebob cat to reach the TICA Supreme Grand Champion in the South Central Region. (2013) 

GJonson's forever home is ColoradoPixies Cattery.

About Us

Our Story

ColoradoPixies began in Westminster, Colorado in 2006 as a small hobby cattery.  It was soon apparent that city life could not provide the adequate space needed to allow for happy and healthy Pixiebobs.  In 2008 our adventure took us to Eastern Oklahoma where we bought land near Lake Eufaula and planted our hobby cattery. In late 2017, the idea of the SouthWest cattery was sparked.  In the fall of 2019 we anticipate our SouthWest cat house will be welcoming their first litter.

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TICA Accreditation

We are a TICA registered cattery and have adhered to the voluntary code of ethics since our inception in 2006.  We continue to be awarded the TICA Outstanding Cattery Award until the program was discontinued.  Although the program has been temporarily dissolved we continue to have regular veterinary inspections and maintain the highest level of care.  We continue to adhere to the code of ethics until the program is revamped and made available again. 

The PixieBob Look

Additional Information

There is always the question of the original grouping of breeds contributing to the distinctive look of the Pixiebob. Here is the answer to that question according to Bobbie Tullo, Bobbie was among the original group of breeders for the Pixiebob. 

During a conversation I had with Bobbie, while benched next to each other at the TICA Party Cats show in Forest Park, Georgia on November 13, 2016, she emphatically told me that the breeds utilized to accomplish this look were Maine Coon, Jungle Cat, Bengal and Manx. There are particular attributes chosen from each breed which contributed to the look we now cherish. 

Originating in the Northwestern United States, the loyal Pixiebob is muscular, brawny cat bred to resemble the wild Coastal Red Bobcat found in the coastal mountains of the area. It is the only breed that accepts polydactyls (cats with extra toes) and comes in two coat lengths. These intelligent cats replicate the look of the wild bobcat but have the loving personality of the domestic cat. Often called dogs in disguise, the affectionate Pixiebob is devoted to its family and can be taught to walk on a leash to participate in family outings. These sturdy cats have the presence and stature of the bobcat with the personality of the domestic cat. (Pixiebob Introduction. Retrieved August 29, 2018, from

ColoradoPixies Cattery and ColoradoPixiesSW Cattery are both TICA Registered catteries.

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